Photo by Ivan Ho on Unsplash “Askari, Askari, Kuja tafadhali” She called out to me from her apartment on the second floor. He slowly lowered his legs from the stool in front of him and adjusted his trousers at the waist. She called out again, louder this time, and he sighed. It was bad enough being an askari to look after rich people that rarely paid him a time of day. He rarely got a simple greeting as they came and went with their big cars. He was just the man that opened their gate during the day, offered ‘protection’ with … Continue reading Askari


Photo by Brandon Kawamura on Unsplash Some time, long long ago, I used to speak to myself. Not simple mumbles or grunts, but actual conversations. Sometimes I played both characters, other times I let the invisible characters speak for themselves. I never worried about it. Something told me it was all normal, especially for someone who could be very socially awkward. It’s easier talking to the people from my imagination. They say all the right things and respond in all the right words. Whenever I have to have a conversation in public I tend to feel dumb, or I ramble too … Continue reading Voices

Debbie the Lesbian There is something about hearing little stories about yourself that always get you thinking. You wonder why people saw you and opted to come to whatever conclusion they have decided to accept as truth in their minds. And sometimes, if I’m bothered enough, I find I’m very pissed off by the said conclusion, or I’m very frustrated. When I was in high school we had a student who was different. She went against the grain. She did not look like the rest of us and the first time I saw her I was very scared. Like every young person’s … Continue reading Debbie the Lesbian

Sewing Projects 2018

One of my first skirts; not in my wardrobe anymore as my sister nicked it. One of my very few goals this year is to have 80% of my wardrobe made by me by the end of 2019. Having made three complete pieces so far this year, the goal doesn’t look as impossible as it did when I first challenged myself. Here, I share with you some of the 2018 pieces I made for myself and a few friends. This white dress was one of those awkward pieces you have in your wardrobe and you are not sure how to rock … Continue reading Sewing Projects 2018